Industrial band Voidtron was formed in 2019 by Fenrok, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer.  Inspired by grunge, metal, and electronica from 1990 through today.


Fenrok started his music career in 2009 as a gigging DJ & producer, started playing keyboards & drums in 2015, and carried on to guitar & bass in 2017.  Having grown up with alternative genres of music, he longed for the return of deep emotion & story within modern music.  Voidtron was formed to connect with people with the emotion & story that's difficult to find in today's time.


Originating in Knoxville, Tennessee, the band formed its sound throughout 2020 for use in their first album.  The band uses its website, social media, Soundcloud, and YouTube channels to reach out & connect with fans of sound design & music development on the journey to the album's release.



Experimenting with synthesizers, effects, and percussion led Voidtron to discovering their unique sound, inspired by some of the greatest alternative rock/metal & electronica acts of all time.


Sharing their excitement for sound design and modern music technology, the band formed a blog on their website to connect with fans & like-minded musicians.

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The band is writing & producing new songs for the upcoming album, while making music for video producers.